A long time ago, when the world was new. The sun married the moon and they lives as happily aas can be. They lived in a little cottage near the ocean.

One day, the sun and the moon invited the ocean to their house to visit. The ocean liked it very much. He wanted to stay in a little cottage. The sun and the moon liked the Ocean and hoped the cottage would big enough for all of the sea living creatures.

So the sun and the moon invited the ocean to stay with them. What happend then? Then the ocean came with all his friends that live in the sea.

Oh, my… The water rose higher and higher in the cottage. Soon there was no more room for the sun and the moon. Oh,how poor they were. They rose up into the sky where they lived ever since.

1a) Why did the sun and the moon  rise up into the sky?

A.There wasn’t any place for them in the cottage

B. The Water rose higher andd higher in the cottage

C.The Ocean came with all his friends to the cottage

D.They don’t have any place in the world


1b)”The Ocean liked it very much”The word it” refers to…

A.the sun

B. the moon

C.the invitation

D. a little cottage


1c)From the story , we can say that…

A.the sun and the moon were a happy couple

B.the sky was the place for the sun and the moon

C.the ocean lived in the cottage with his friends

D.the cottage was enough for all the sea living creatures



Gold is a precious metal.Gold is used as ornaments or as money. Gold is found anywhere, but in small supplies. It is often found on the surface of the earth. Since gold is a heavy subtance, it is sometimes found at the bottom of the rivers. The gold is found together with sand and rock and must be seperted from them.

It is usually necessary to drill for gold but when a layer of gold is located deep below the surface of the earth, it is possible to drill a hole into a ground. Engineers have developed modern processes for removing gold from rocks.

Since gold is not very hard, it is sometimes melted and added to other subtances for making rings,coins, and art objects. It will be priced forever because it is beautiful,rare,and useful.        

2a)What is the main idea of paragraph 1?

A.Gold is found anywhere

B.Gold is simple to search

C.Gold is a precious metal

d.Gold is attached to rocks


2b)”…because it is beautifiul,rare and useful.” The synonym of”rare” is…






2c)After the gold is melted, it can  be processed into…






I think my house is most comfortable place in the world it is not very big. But very cozy and is the place where my family can relax and find our own space. In our home we really enjoy our relaxing time after school and work. It has a nice and warm living room . there is a beautiful painting of scenery hanging on the a low cabinet you will see the trophies. Pictures of my family.small toys,and some books.

I am lucky to have a room myself.i paint the wall olive green . it’s my favourite colour.there is a desk on where i do my homework and put a portable radio-tape there.

The kitchen is my mother’s domain. My mother keeps it clean all day. There is a blue wall cabinet in it . it harmonizes with light green wall ties. Although a few people will give my home only at a glance. Still we are very proud of it. It may not a perfect one but it is home sweet home

3a)What does the text tell us about?

A.My big house

B.My lovely home

C.The writer’s sweet room

D.The writer’s lovely home


3b)What is the paragraph two about/

A.My lucky room

B.The writer’s room

C.The color of room

D.My mother’s house


3c)”It is not very big.But very cozy and quiet” The word ‘it’ in the sentences refers to… room

B.the house


Henry Ford was a famous American engineer and car manafacturer He was born on a farm in a Deaborn in Michigan 1863.

He was the first man to mass produce cars at a price which people could afford.Although at first he made automobiles that only can  rich people could afford. He wanted to bulid a car thatn was a cheap enough for most famillies to own and in 1903 he succesed.

Ford was very interested in horselless carriages. He decided to bulid one himself. He began to experiment with engines untill his first car was made in 1893.Night after night he would work on it like madman.At last in 1896 the vehicle was ready for a trial run. He then ran it round the block.It went well. Finally, in 1903 the Ford Motor Company was founded.

The thing that made his company famous was his mass production line.Instead of having each person bulid the entire motor car,he had one person doing their own small job. Because this saved a lot of time and money. Ford could offer more cars to the American public at a lower price than anyone before him.

4a)What does the text tell us about?

A.Henry Ford and his company

B.A famous American engineer

C.The Ford Motor Company

D.Ford cheap motor cars


4b)”Ford sucessfully invented a car” is the main idea of paragraph…

A.1                                                            C.3

B.2                                                            D.4


4c)”Because this saved a lot of time and money…” The word this refers to…

A.the entire motor car

B.masss production line

C.his famous company

D.the workers small job


Fruits are a source of nourishing subtances that keep us healthy. For example, they contain many vitamins, especially vitamin A and C many minerals such as calcium,potassium,and zinc.They also provide fiber for a healthy digestive system and carbohydrates needed by the body to make energy They don’t have a lot of calories to make us fat.

People use fruit for many things.We make juices from them.We cook bread and pie from them.We make jams,jellies and sweets.We freeze them to eat later.We even make a alchol from fruits.Beer from grains,wine come from grapes,and some brandies are made from plums,apricots or other fruits.

But most of the time,we don’t do anything special with fruits.We eat them fresh just as they are.

5a)Which subtances do we need to have a healthy digestive system?






5b)What is the purpose of the above text? introduce fruits tell fruits products give reports on fruits make people eat fruits


5c)”Fruits are a source of nourishing  subtances..” The underlined word means…






A spider web looks delicate but it is very strong.It can hold 4000 times a spider’s weight.But how does it form.

First the spider spins a thread of silk. The thread gets blown over a branch by the wind. Then she makes another two threads and make a Y shape.Next she makes more threads and they look like spokes of a wheel. Then the spider goes in a spiral.out and back in.sits in the middle and waits for a food.

This is how a web is formed.

6a)The spider’s web is strong because it… always made of the best threads of silk

B.can hold 4000 spiders of the maker’s kind

C.looks like spokes of wheel and good spiral

D.forms a branch of a tree where spider perches


6b)What  is the main idea of the second paragraph?

A.The web catches flying insects for the spider’s food

B.The thread gets blown over a branch by the wind

C.The spider like to sit still in the middle of the web

D.It takes a long time for the spider to make its web


6c)The text shows that spider makes a web in order to…

A.get food

B.sleep well

C.avoid wind

D.hunt animals




Rino has a parrot named Coly.It has colourful feathers. They are yellow,blue and red. Coly is very noisy.It is always imitates the human voice. It has a curved bill. It also has feet with toes pointing forward and two backward. The feet helped to grip on the branches and hold food.

7a)The text tell us about…

A.Rino’s pet

B.Coly’s habit

C.Rino’s hobby

D.Coly’s feathers


7b)The colors of Coly’s feathers are…

A.yellow,blue and green,black and yellow

C.yellow,orange and red

D.yellow,blue and red


7c)Coly’s toes have…directions












My fathers bought me a pet. I call him Gio. He looks cute and classy. His fur is very beautiful. He has thick soft hair. Every three months, he gets vitamins shots and other precaution measures. Gio is a modern cat. He likes eating canned and dried food. When Gio doesn’t feeling well, he usually do not much meowing and eats less than usual.In this moments he need extra vitamins and milk to help him increase his body immunity.Usually he will be better within two days.

8a)What does the text tell you about?

A.The writer’s pet

B.The writer’s father

C.The writer’s features

D.The writer’s experience


8b)The pet’s hair is thick and…






8c)The cat needs extra vitamins and milk when he is not well because they…

A.can improve his body immunity

B.contain the best nutrition

C.can be consumed easily

D.may lessen the ilness






The movie ‘Hachiko’ is an outstanding movie. It tells about how a dog keeps on being loyal to its master.

This dog is found in a train station by a man who works a lecturer.He then brings this dog home and makes it his pet.

At home, Hachiko is trained so many things, such as catching balls,accompanying him to the train station in the morning and fetching him up again later in the afternoon.Hachiko then becomes a very well-trained and loyal dog.

Hachiko keeps on going to the train station in the morning and coming back again in the afternoon even though his master has already passed away till end of its life.This is a really touching story ever.

9a)How does the lecturer get Hachiko?

A.He buys in a pet shop

B.He finds it in a railway

C.It is found in a train station

D.It’s a gift from a friend of his


9b)Based on the text, what is ‘Hachiko’

A.a dog

B.a doll animal

D.a pet dog


9c)The writer writes the text to…

A.entertain the reader

B.tell about his pet dog

C.describe about Hachiko

D.announce about his loyal dog


One day a hound dog went hunting by himself in the woods. He saw a rabbit in the bush and chased him out into the open.The rabbit rand around trees and through an open field.

When the dog began to tire of the chase, the rabbit, with its laste energy, jumped into the bush and disappeared.

As the dog turned back for home, a goat herder who had seen the chase smiled at him. Saying” why did you let that rabbit go?”

“You forget” replied the tired dog’ I was only running for my dinner.He was running for his life!”

10a)The story tell us about.. a hound dog met a wise goat herder the poor rabbit saved his precious life the rabbit chased the dog out of the field the herder advised the dog to go home


10b)Where did the hound dog hunt?

A.Around trees

B.On a open field

C.Behind a bush

D.In the woods


10c)What can we learn from the text?

A.One should make any possible efforts to save his of her life

B.We should have a dog to chase any dangerous animals

C.A big and strong hound dog is the best man’s friend

D.People should protect endangered rabbits


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